We are the Friends of Paulin Creek Preserve. We want to save our open space from development. Early on the group was made up of persons living within a few blocks of the Preserve.  Current members include interested citizens and environmental groups from all over Sonoma County.


Paulin creek OPEN SPACE preserve

Paulin Creek Preserve is made up of three parcels (J, N & O on the map below). Parcels N and O are protected from development.  Parcel "J," connects the other two parcels.  It does not have a recorded conservation easement protecting it from development. The County has owned Parcel J since 1874.  At this point, the County intends to sell it to a devloper.  As part of this deal, zoning control will pass from the County to the City of Santa Rosa. 

In 2002 the Board of Supervisors passed a Resolution that clearly designated Parcel "J"to be part of the Paulin Creek Open Space Preserve.  As a consequence of this Resolution, maps were printed and distributed to the public by the Sonoma Country Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District.  These maps clearly show Parcel "J" to be part of the Preserve.   The sign in the picture above has been in place at the end of Beverly Way, the main public entrance to the Preserve, for 15 years. 

The Friends of Paulin Creek Preserve are currently working to remind the County Board of Supervisor of their past promises. Please go to the News section of this website to learn more about the history of the preserve, what has been promised, and how some of the Board of Supervisors continue to assert that parcel "J" is not part of the Preserve.