Contact the movers and shakers behind this project and voice your concern and opposition. At the moment the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has the power to save Paulin Creek Preserve with a single vote to remove Parcel J from the proposed sale, or restrict it with a conservation easement.

Remember to be polite and we suggest you read through all our content to make sure you are properly informed on this issue. Check below for each supervisors email, and if you prefer you can call their main office at 707-565-2241.


Susan gorin

Supervisor Gorin is supportive of Protecting Paulin Creek and Parcel "J."  She will work to see that Parcel "J" is not sold for development.


Shirlee zane

Supervisor Zane believes that the Paulin Creek parcel must be sold.  Her rationale seems to be that Parcel "J" must be included in the sale of the Chanate Complex for the project to be financially feasible.  



Lynda Hopkins

Supervisor Hopkins was elected in 2016 and was not part of the process that led to soliciting developers to buy Parcel "J."  She abstained on the vote to enter into negotiations with the developer William Gallaher because she was not on the Board for many of the discussions about the Chanate Complex sale. Nonetheless, she is concerned that the process was not transparent and that important information may have been missed.

David rabbitT

Supervisor Rabbitt believes that Parcel "J" is a surplus asset that should be sold.  He believes that good stewardship means disposing of assets that serve no governmental purpose.


James Gore

Supervisor Gore is reluctant to become involved in a project outside his supervisorial district but supports open space.