March 25, 2017, Close to home: Paulin Creek Preserve is a place worth keeping, by Tim Stafford

April 13, 2017 PD Editorial: How is it that that this beautiful Preserve is being sold to a developer

The Press Democrat weighs in on Paulin Creek

This last week Press Democrat reporter JD Morris reported on the current situation as it regards to Paulin Creek's Parcel J. His balanced article showed that Parcel J is part of the overall sale to William Gallaher but explained that the development of Parcel J was subject to an environmental review. County officials seemed confident that the environmental review would ultimately protect Parcel J. To read the full article click here.

The Friends of Paulin Creek are against even selling Parcel J to Gallaher and are committed to gaining environmental easement for the parcel. Only through this will this remarkable preserve be forever protected from future development.

Current Mayor Coursey takes Paulin Creeks side when last considered for development

Back in 2006, still with the Press Democrat, current mayor Chris Coursey took up the cause of Paulin Creek when developer Mike Sass was considering the area for development. Describing the area as "a revelation" Coursey was very much on the side of keeping parcel J a preserve. 

Currently Coursey is not involved in the decision to sell Parcel J to a developer, but in order to finalize the deal his approval will be needed.

2004 Sonoma County report reveals intentions to make all Paulin Creek a preserve

A 2004 report The Paulin Creek Preserve Management Plan detailed the wonders of Paulin Creek and was to guide the City of Santa Rosa and the Open Space District in management of Paulin Creek.

The plan clearly stated that all three parcels were apart of the Paulin Creek Preserve and not just the two which are currently protected as open spaces. After much talk nothing was ever done to protect parcel J which along with parcels N, O, and P make up the Paulin Creek Preserve.