Parcel "J" of Paulin Creek Preserve is Scheduled to be Sold and Designated as a Conservation Easement - first link below for new information!!!


Friends of Paulin Creek Preserve seem to have achieved our goal.  Parcel "J" of Paulin Creek Preserve has been designated with a conservation easement in the latest agreement between the County and developer Bill Gallaher.  See the "Development & Disposition Agreement for Chanate Complex below. 

At their June 20th, 2017 meeting the Supervisors authorized the sale of the Chanate Complex.  The City of Santa Rosa is now officially part of the transfer.  Go to this link for information and the opportunity to sign up for progress notes.  

City of Santa Rosa Notice

Development & DispositionAgreement for Chanate Complex (June 2017)

- opens as pdf

Chanate Complex Buildings Site Map - opens as pdf

Developer Map of Possible Building Sites - opens as pdf

SoCo Board of Supervisors Press Release

Two Proposals in response to County RFP to develop Chanate Complex


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